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President's Message

President's Report Winter, 2021

It has been a year since the shut down and what a crazy year it has been.  I never thought I would miss lining up at airport security and eating airplane food so much!

We have adapted and bounced back and we can see some light at the end of the tunnel.  With the provincial roll out of vaccinations for all and Spring just around the corner, one can feel the collective relief and the optimism everywhere.

We have been fortunate in our wonderful profession to at least be able to continue to practice and to see our patients, albeit at a slower pace than what we are used to.  Patients trust what we are doing to keep them safe and so they keep coming for their appointments.  For this reason, I feel that we are blessed.

As I have spent countless hours of “Zoom-time” with members of our profession, I have felt the positive unity between industry and the membership.  Less exciting, but no less important, Zoom calls and communications were had with Provincial DRAs, Ministries of Health, and the Federal Health Minister’s Office regarding COVID-19 policies and back to work protocols. Later, with renewed optimism, the calls turned to vaccines and their rollout across the nation.  

The Insurance, Communications, Membership and Scientific Committees have been hard at work to bring new and exciting innovation and ideas to the membership via the CAO’s new and enthusiastic management team, TouchPoint AMC, led by veteran Alison Nash and Lynn Morrovat. 

The CAO Board is saddened to have had to cancel all of its in-person meetings and its signature CAO Scientific Sessions in 2020 and 2021, but it has amazing future sessions in the works.  The Board looks forward to Saskatoon and Disney in 2022 and 2023 respectively and plans to bring the Scientific Sessions back to Kelowna and to Quebec City in the near future.

I encourage everyone to stay positive and hopeful.  We are privileged to be able to be a part of this great profession.  The power of staying strong together has never been more apparent than it has been this year. Thank you for keeping the CAO a part of your professional portfolio and please encourage all of your colleagues to do the same. Our collective future is more secure when we approach it together.  I would love to see every Canadian orthodontist be a CAO member and to share their individual passion for what we do. 

I wish each and every one of you health and prosperity.  We will get there, and we will be soon be travelling again. I’m looking forward to a glass of cheap Air Canada Sauvignon Blanc and my next cardboard chicken sandwich as I take my family, well, anywhere, really.

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Warmest regards,
Dr. J. Eric Selnes, President
Canadian Association of Orthodontists