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Board Update

The CAO Officers have been busy this spring visiting as many of the provincial AGM’s as possible.  Providing greetings and reporting on the CAO activities has given the officers a chance to meet many members across the country.  So far, CAO reports were given in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, with BC and Saskatchewan in the near future. Manitoba has requested that their visit take place this fall.  Taking the time to meet with members  to answer questions or concerns is an important part of the CAO role.  These  visits give CAO officers the chance to talk to both CAO members and non-members, to see what trends are emerging in each province and to assess how the trends differ at a national level.

The CAO Board takes its future responsibilities seriously and takes all viewpoints into account when setting a new direction.  As the CAO continues to look for ways to ensure all orthodontic specialists are members of the CAO, you are always welcome to voice your opinions to the CAO Board via email at cao@associationconcepts.ca.  As a member, please let your friends and colleagues who are not yet CAO members know that the CAO strives to provide a valuable membership experience for ALL orthodontic specialists across Canada be they members or not of the CAO.