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President's Message

President's Report Spring, 2021

So…What’s new? Anything exciting going on? How was your weekend?
(insert cricket noises here).

This has been the state of our lives going on for…oh about a year now.

I am grateful that we have continued to practice and that people continue to trust the safety of the orthodontic office. It has been wonderful to still be able to do what we love, despite the additional hurdles. Truthfully if I was home another three more months, my wife and/or kids MAY have inflicted some serious damage on me ;>)).

While the world seems to be channeling its inner Groundhog Day, the CAO, has put its energy and effort into the important things that bring value and pride to its members. The most visible project has been the update of the CAO’s Social Media presence in conjunction with its new Public Relations campaign.  The 2021 Consumer Campaign, Mommy Blogs and the newest sassy Factoid series have all generated a tremendous amount of success.  All the campaign content can be accessed for download (in English or French) in the 2021 Campaign section of the CAO Members Website.  I extend a personal thank you to all who assisted me with the Communications Committee including Drs. Guedes, Ball, Goldberg and the Management Team at TouchPoint AMC.

The Communications Committee also embarked on a major revamp of the CAO website.  The goal of the revamp is to refocus the Public Site to answer basic questions on the use and location of member specialists and to ensure that pertinent information about orthodontics is presented in a modern, uncluttered layout.  The revamp will include a reorganization of the Members Site to ensure that the information needed by the members is easier to find. The plan is to go live with the new website by the end of this year.

If you have not already done so, please join and follow all our social media platforms. Please like, forward, share and use in your practices:

With the cancellation of the 2021 Scientific Session, the CAO is excited to announce its 2021 Webinar Series that includes a mix of clinical, practice management and leadership topics at no cost to the membership.  For more information and to register for the series, please refer to the section included in this Bulletin. We hope to see you there.

The CAO Board and its committees are working hard for the greater good. As always, I encourage everyone to join the CAO. The more that unite, the stronger the message and the louder the voice.

I wish you good health and pending solid vaccine rollout, perhaps some time off this summer. I am threatening to book something close to home and luckily there are still openings available my back yard!

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Warmest regards,
Dr. J. Eric Selnes, President
Canadian Association of Orthodontists