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Student Abstracts

Strategies to Enhance Patients’ Adherence to Orthodontic: A systematic review
Maryam Elyasia; Camila Pacheˆco-Pereirab; Hollis Laic; Paul Majord; Carlos Flores-Mire; Maryam Aminf
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Acumen and discernment using 3dMD in orthodontic diagnosis
Drummond R.J.* & Wiltshire W.A.

Comparative study of short-term effectiveness of mandibular advancement splint titrable vs. active in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in adults.
Olivier Roca, Université de Montréal

Brain and jaw muscle motor response to guided music listening
Tina Veronica Imbriglio1,2, Howard C Tenenbaum3, Bruce V Freeman3, Michael Thaut4, Iacopo Cioffi1,2

1 Faculty of Dentistry, Graduate Program in Orthodontics, University of Toronto, Toronto ON, Canada
2 University of Toronto Center for the Study of Pain
3 Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Dentistry, Toronto ON, Canada
Faculty of Music, University of Toronto ON, Canada

Cell movements and tissue flow reshape the embryonic midface
A. Danescu, J. Rekhi, J. Richman, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Can exposure to peptide functional domains change the pellicle formation on orthodontic brackets?
Niklas W. Neilson, Karla T.B. Crosara, Antonio Mamandras, Walter L. Siqueira
Western Ontario Graduate Orthodontics