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President's Message

A busy time for the CAO and its President Dr. Jay Philippson

We have been busy at the CAO (maybe a tad busier than I thought I might be when I became President).  Earlier this month, the CAO Board had our Ad Interim meeting in an exotic hotel that had a fantastic view of ….. a snowy Terminal 3 in Toronto.  The meeting included a strategic planning session that provided focus and direction for the orthodontists in Canada.  We will continue to communicate with our members and to provide resources that will entice our non-member colleagues to join or rejoin.

The multitude of letters that we have sent to stakeholders with regard to Direct-to-Consumer care produced results when members of the CAO Board and I met with Mr. Irwin Fefergrad, RCDSO Registrar and his team dedicated to the DTC file.  There were concerns that there had been little in the way of action to date. In reality, his team has been planning for more than a year to determine what course of action can be considered under the legislative umbrella of which they are mandated.  I believe that this Dental Regulatory Authority (DRA) is well prepared to enforce the legislation.  The CAO will actively pursue any practitioner that we feel has not lived up to the standards for professional representation in their province and help the RCDSO and other DRA’s enforce their mandate to protect the public interest. 

We welcomed Dr. Avi Goldberg as the new Board Representative from the Maritimes.  Avi is replacing Dr. Stuart Matheson, who represented the Maritimes admirably for almost three years.  We have high hopes and expectations for Avi and I know he will provide relevant content to the board for many years to come.

Our next Scientific Session is in Fredericton, NB, beginning Thursday, September 19, 2019. The session will kick–off with a multi-activity tour including war canoes, bicycles, walking paths and pub stops.  The meeting is a must attend!  The previous AGM on the east coast was held in Charlottetown, PEI and the event has become historical folklore.  The scientific component of our Fredericton meeting is rounding out to be excellent and I believe the social events will rival PEI. Please join us, as you don’t want to be the one who asks what all the buzz was about.

We have a diverse, energetic board that is working hard on your behalf.  I am proud to be a small part of such a fantastic group.  My short time as president is already a highlight of my career. Thank you for allowing me to be involved with this fantastic organization.

Dr. Jay Philippson