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Board Update

The Board met earlier this month for their Ad Interim meeting, along with an extra day of strategic planning.  With the evolving landscape of orthodontics, it is important for the CAO to have a clear and strong strategic plan that will guide our way.  In preparation for the session, data was collected over a two-month period that included member interviews, wide membership surveys and focus groups.  The Board then used this information to formulate a plan to give direction to the organization during the next three to five years. Strategic planning is not an easy task, but the CAO Board is committed to meeting the challenges that affect us all.

Guided by our expert facilitator, Nickey, the Board buckled down and asked the hard questions about what our members want from the CAO. Considerations included advocacy, continuing education, public awareness and organization-overload. By the end, the main objectives identified were the provision of value to the membership and an inclusive organization with which all orthodontic specialists would be proud to affiliate. Look for more information on the CAO Strategic Plan in future communications. It is important to include the entire membership so that all understand the CAO’s plans on behalf of the profession.

The Board looks forward to sharing and implementing the final plan with the membership soon so stay tuned!