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CAO Position on DTC Orthodontics

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists (CAO) and its members sympathize with anyone who is experiencing unsatisfying results after enrolling in a Direct-to-Consumer orthodontic treatment program. Unfortunately, these companies are private entities, and the CAO has neither jurisdiction in this area nor can it act on anyone's behalf. The only recourse available involves you contacting the Dental Regulatory Authority (DRA) in your province or engaging in private legal action. You can find a list of all provincial DRA's here https://www.rcdc.ca/en/about/resources/regulatory-authority should you wish to contact them and file a complaint.

Most importantly, the CAO strongly recommends that you arrange a consultation with a certified orthodontic specialist in your area. A CAO Member Orthodontist has extensive post-graduate training in diagnosis and treatment planning to create a beautiful, healthy smile and a proper bite of your teeth. You may ask for a referral from your dentist, a friend or use the Orthodontist Locator feature on the CAO website.

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