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CAO Insurance Update!

Hello Fellow CAO Members,

Just a brief update from the Insurance Committee.  Recently, we relayed to you that there had been progress obtaining a new insurance code that can be used for electronic submission to pre-determine benefits for orthodontic patients for use by Orthodontic Specialists.  We announced in the email blast that the code had been approved for use by the Uniform System of Coding & List of Services (USC&LS) committee starting in the New Year.  Our national partner, the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), has been meeting with the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) to discuss the implementation details and use of this new code.

We are diligently working with both CLHIA and the large orthodontic software companies to ensure this code can be directly integrated into orthodontic practice software.  There has been significant response from most companies as they are eager to integrate this feature to their existing programs.

Members need to be aware that each software company must be certified by CDANet to submit to Canadian Insurance Companies.  Once certification is completed, a software update must take place to add this feature in order for a submission to be filed by the user. 

The timeline to complete this process will vary depending on the software company.  While the goal is for updates to be completed by the end of the first quarter 2021, it is impossible to say when each company will have this update ready for use.  We encourage you to speak with your software representatives about this upcoming addition. The reality is that the CAO Insurance Committee has little direct control over these matters and the associated timelines. The CAO is working with each company to aid where it can, but ultimately the outcome is dependent on negotiations between CDA and the software company itself.

Once the software companies have things integrated and is ready for a roll-out, the CAO will be there to help support the membership.  "How To" videos, webinars and other guides are anticipated soon along with updates once they arrive.  Additionally, software integration will be the focus of the Insurance Luncheon at the Scientific Session in Quebec City.

The CAO is looking for members to help with the Insurance Committee.  I am in Alberta, but it would be beneficial to have two to three people from other provinces (using different Practice Management Software) to bounce ideas off and to troubleshoot the integration of this feature.   This commitment would involve a minimal time commitment but would be of great benefit to the patients of our membership.

Our mission is to keep the members informed of the progress  made to obtain a submission code. You can expect another update closer to the holiday break.

Stay safe and keep positive!