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Board Update

CAO Leadership meets with Shoppers Drug Mart Vice President

The CAO had a conference call with Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) to discuss their partnership with a Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) aligner provider.

The meeting was held on November 22, 2019 and included:

Mr. Ashesh Desai, Executive Vice President, Pharmacy and Healthcare Business

Mr. Chong Bang, SVP, Merchandising

Dr. Mike Wagner, President

Dr. J. Eric Selnes, President Elect

To date, the SDM/DTC venture is limited to pilot project involving two stores located in Brampton and Etobicoke respectively.  Scans are taken in-store, approved by provincially- registered dentists, processed by the DTC company and then delivered to the home of the client.  SDM advised the those from the CAO in attendance that there are currently dentists and orthodontists already approving cases in Ontario.  This information contravenes the belief at the CAO that, at present, there are no licensed orthodontists who approve cases in Ontario.

The CAO was advised that SDM is in regulatory compliance with regards to their due diligence and that their relationship with the DTC corporation will only be reconsidered if there are concerns brought to them by RCDSO. Further, ‘as long as the dental regulatory authorities do not have a complaint or proof that SDM is in breach of the standard of care SDM has no reason to discontinue the partnership’. 

Additionally, the CAO was advised that SDM has entered into this relationship strictly for "patient well-being and access to care’ in accord with the mandate of the DTC corporation.  SDM’s objective is to capitalize on convenience for the family or individual that wants consultation services after-hours (i.e. 6am to midnight or 24 hrs in some locations).

When questioned about patient care and responsibility for treatment, the CAO was told that all follow-up care is the client’s responsibility.  SDM has no obligation to client care or client service following delivery of the in-store scan.

SDM advised the CAO that they would be happy to meet again in the future.