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Board Updates

Membership Commitee Report

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One of the major goals during Dr. Rick Odegaards’ presidency was to increase overall membership numbers through the recruitment of new members, and to encourage new members to re-activate their memberships.

Over the past couple of years there has been a concerted effort by the Provincial Directors to create and to update comprehensive lists of all certified orthodontic specialists in each Province/Region. From these lists the CAO has directed its attention towards the non-members, to consider reactivation of their membership with the CAO.

The CAO board recognizes the need to promote and to advocate for the profession. It has spent a significant amount of thought, time, and energy in creating more meaningful value to active membership.

New and Younger Members Report

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New and Younger Members - Highlights

The CAO was in attendance at GORP in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in August, 2018.

Joe Miller of Joe Architects presented at the NYM luncheon at the CAO Scientific Session in Vancouver.

The inaugural NYM social at the Scientific Session was a success.   Look for expansion of this event at future meetings.

For 2019, the NYM luncheon will involve a number of presenters on a number of topics relevant to the beginning practitioner. The board is particularly excited to try out this new concept in Fredericton in September. 

Look for the latest news on the NYM Group Facebook page.   If you have not yet joined and would like to, please email james.posluns@utoronto.ca


CFAO Report

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The CFAO Silent Auction at the Annual Scientific Session in Vancouver was again a tremendous success. Thank you to the provincial associations and to the individuals that donated items this year. Thank you also to Cerum Ortho Organizers’ commitment to the CFAO for their sponsorship of the activities on Thursday, September 6th, 2018.

The Smiles 4 Canada program continues to evolve. 2018 saw the introduction of a refined application form, a periodized application process and an updated database of participating orthodontists. There were 357 complete applications received during the 2018 application window.

It has taken a huge effort from the staff at Association Concepts to manage the influx of applications. This onflux created financial pressure on the CFAO. It is expected that the administration fees will be increased to offset the increased costs.

The Prairies Regional Committee has been divided into an Alberta/Saskatchewan Committee and a separate Manitoba Regional Committee with Dr. Tim Dumore as Regional Chair. Applications are now accepted from Quebec. A large portion of applications come from Ontario and this volume creates a difficult job for that Regional Committee.

Thank you to the Regional Directors: Drs. Jeff Stewart, Sunny Leong, Tim Dumore, Gordie Organ, Daniel Tanguay, and Avi Goldberg, as well as the CAO administrative staff; Alison, Kimberly, and Nina.

Dr. Codey Pilgrim is the recipient of the 2018 Dalhousie University CFAO Award for Achievement in Undergraduate Orthodontics. Dalhousie continues to be the only undergraduate program to accept the CFAO offer to sponsor an orthodontic award.

Congratulations to CFAO Director Dr. Stephen Roth on receiving the 2018 CAO Award of Merit in recognition of his leadership in developing the CFAO Smiles 4 Canada program. A well-deserved recognition of a tremendous worthwhile amount of work.



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The CDSA met in Ottawa on April 19, 2018, and brought the concerns of direct to consumer treatment. No other specialties are encumbered with such an issue.

Advertisement of non-specialists affects each of the specialties in varying degrees.

The University of Toronto is conducting a study on the relationship between general practitioners and specialists and there was some suggestion that the CAO advertising campaign may have skewed the initial data since it was collected early in our program. No apologies were made with respect to the campaign.

The CDA has commissioned a task force to look at the future of dentistry and to where it can be positioned in the overall health care milieu by the year 2032.